Web & Digital Assets

The following work broadly speaking are assets for websites or digital which I consider being items for viewing exclusively on screen vs a print application.

Working Safely in a Biosafety Cabinet

Working Safely in a Biosafety Cabinet

This and many of the following samples represent the day to day needs of DLS promoting various classes, workshops and seminars within Public Health. They are both interior and exterior facing web banners and carousel banners designed to educate Laboratory Professionals on a number of important best practices topics.

02_Basic PPE.jpg
03_respirator training.jpg
04_working safely with centrifuges.jpg
05_chemical fumehood.jpg
05_systems initiative.jpg
06_centrifuge safety course.jpg
07_centrifuge safety course3.jpg
08_centrifuge safety course2.jpg
a_laboratory methods for detecting rabies.jpg
a_molecular parasitology.jpg
a_mycobacterium tuberculosis.jpg
c_banner_01 Clinical Lab Biosafety_2018.01.17.jpg
Ready Set Test_banner_GB.jpg
CLIAC spring meeting graphic_02.jpg
CLIAC spring meeting graphic.jpg
Laboratory Quality Portal banner_02.jpg
Lab Information Digest

Lab Information Digest

Email header designed for a monthly curated set of note worthy news for the lab professional.

Laboratory Outreach Communication System

Laboratory Outreach Communication System

Another email header. I designed the LOCS logo as well.

CDC Training page

CDC Training page

This and the following were mock-ups I created to illustrate to a third party vendor how DLS wanted the Training page to function and look like.

CDC Lab Training mock-up-3.jpg
Atlantic American HR Digital On-boarding

Atlantic American HR Digital On-boarding

This was a project I worked on shortly before my departure from Atlantic American that was intended to become a one-stop HR hiring resource. The concept was to be a interactive PDF that would be sent to new employees prior to their first day to fill out all the tax documents, read important employee regulations and agreements etc.

AAC HR 52812.jpg
AAC HR 52813.jpg
AAC HR 52814.jpg
xCalibre Benefits e-blast

xCalibre Benefits e-blast

While I worked for Atlantic American I occasionally designed e-blasts for xCalibre a third party administrative service company which some of our B2B clients used. I did all the design work and even created the form promoted in the ad. I then handed it off to a colleague who prepared the file for the e-blast service.

benefit statement eblast_02.jpg
benefit statement eblast_03.jpg